June 14, 2024

FTC Disclosure (not alien disclosure)


FTC Disclosure (not alien disclosure)

FTC disclosure rules enacted on December 1, 2009, required bloggers to disclose their relationships to companies, products, and services, in an aim to reveal a blogger's potential biases and hidden interests.

This means that I must include a 'disclosure' when discussing certain kind of relationships, or products, such as when writing a product review about a gadget, company or service.

If I receive a product or service from a company to write a my personal opinions in a product review, I will need to also disclose this information. Although I intend to disclose my relevant relationships when blogging/vlogging and writing reviews, there are times when I may not get a chance to do so.

For example, I might get company schwag like a t-shirt to wear that might be in a photo or video, and I may not get a chance to disclose this. If you see something like this, feel free to assume that I may have received that item from them.

Also, as my page evolves, there will be a number of affiliate marketing links present, where I may make a tiny profit if someone uses my referral link to make a purchase on a product or service. I'll also disclose this, but it's safe to assume that the links on this sight might be affiliate links.

FTC Disclosure

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